Friday, January 27, 2006

Savannah, Fare you well

Late Wednesday night, I got back from my company's National Sales Meeting in Savannah, Georgia. What a nice place, at least from what I can tell. I got a bit of a head cold down there which put me out of commission yesterday, but I'm feeling better today. My voice has been put in Barry White mode, baby. It's so deep. But anyway, I didn't get to spend much time hangin' out in town, but the little I did was nice. I took some photos that I'll post soon. I just have too much work to catch up on to do it today.

Oh, and there is likely to be some big news around here in March, so don't hit that back button or dare close your browser, believe me it's worth waiting for!!!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Thanks for the challenge."

That's what the most recent doctor to check out my bicep said. Stumped 'em again! One bad thing is that the other side of the muscle has developed so much to compensate for the right side, I can resist the strength test, unlike before. So, I had ten viles of blood drawn this morning to see if they can figure it all out. But this was a neurologist who has been a doctor almost as long as I've been alive, so I've really got something weird going on.

I'm starting to think I was just made of spare parts.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Zup folks?

Just a note to say that work has been kickin' me in the proverbial ass lately, so not much time to play with the blog. I have a couple of new blurs that are neat. Who'da thought a radio display had so much visual creative potential?

But the news on my niece hasn't changed a lot. Although, one thing to share with you to give you an idea of just what kind of asshole we're dealing with, we got a report from the social worker listing many incidents of suspected abuse. Along with the cold water treatment (and spanking if she tried to get away) which the girlfriend admitted to, there was also an incident where her dad "put her to bed for a nap" and according to him she *****GRRRRRRRRRRRR***** JUST WOKE UP WITH TWO BLACK EYES!!!!! How the #$@^&% does a three year old get two black eyes during a nap without the parent noticing????

Oh, then there was the incident where she clearly had bruises on her face from where someone had grabbed her face, sort of with her chin in the valley between the thumb and index finger. In that case, again, according to him, THE DOG NIPPED HER. He clearly has no idea how far her face would have had to be in the dog's mouth for that to happen. I would think there would also be some tooth marks. If I had a dog that did something like that to my daughter, the dog would be gone the next day.

But it's all lies anyway. The girlfriend's son also said that one of the reasons they beat her was because she told lies and was bad all the time. Again, how does a three-year-old lie beyond saying they didn't do something they actually did? And no wonder she was bad so much, she was HUNGRY (another frequent punishment was being put to bed without dinner, but the weight loss was because she and the girlfriend are "out running around all the time), BEING TERRORIZED and BEATEN, I can't imagine why she was having problems.

Pathetic. This guy needs to be put in general population and then a loud announcement needs to be made at lunch about what he's in prison for...

Good news is that her speech continues to improve and she's put on more weight since last time I posted. And, my goodness, she still has your standard 3 year old tantrums, but the out-of-control rages and biting have stopped since she was taken away from those dolts.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Better or Worse? Depends on your perspective

The news on my niece gets better/worse. Better - Now that she's out of that house she has begun to put weight on. As I mentioned before, she had been losing weight since the spring. She's put on 3 pounds since just before Christmas. Better - She seems to be doing better, she's not out of control so much. Worse - we found out one of the things her father and his girlfriend were doing to her, aside from not feeding her much and beating her, was to, as punishment for some misbehavior, sit her in a tub of ice water for a few minutes, no wonder she went through a spell of screeching through her baths when at Mrs. Dave's parents.

Perhaps it's a term that is thrown around too easily today because of recent controversy, but people are using the term "torture" when referring to how she was treated. The social worker is hot on their asses to have them both arrested. Hang 'em high as far as I'm concerned. Mrs. Dave's parents are going to try to get custody, if for some reason, they can't, we'll certainly be next in line. I could go into a lot more detail, but it's too depressing. I just can't imagine, with all the people out there that want children but can't have them how someone fortunate enough to have one (on purpose anyway) could do this to a little girl.


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Ok, if the title doesn't make sense, I'm trying to simulate the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" notes. Well, anyway, it works for me.

Here is a slow release photo I took of a Christmas card I got for my son. You push a button and instead of some annoying midi-style tune, these really bright lights flash like crazy. It's wild. I'm not talking about some little red LED to light Rudolph's nose, this thing could be used to direct traffic. Below is the cool photo and below it, the card from which it came.

And here's another blur of the tunnel I thought was pretty cool:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thotz as we enter 2006

Here are a few thoughts that have been running through my head recently, none really is deserving of it's own post, but together it works, and since it's the New Year, what the heck.

- Ok, this one is just weird, but Spencer Kayden has a sexy voice. Where might you have heard it? As Mrs. Pepper on Blue's Clues, of course - twisted, I know, but listening to a BC CD my son got at the library made me realize it... Here she is:

and her alter ego:

- June 2004 continues to haunt me. In case you weren't around or don't remember, I got very sick then and it turned out to be a combination of colitis (or Crohn's Disease, one or the other, but it doesn't really matter, they are treated the same), which basically means my large intestine gets annoyed easily. What made me sick was the fact that it got so fed up with me, it stopped doing one of it's major responsibilities, releasing water into the rest of my body. I got dehydrated badly and went downhill from there. I ended up in the hospital not because of the colitis, but because the emergency room doctor thought I had a blood clot. Well, it's hard to say for certain whether I did or not now, but subsequent blood tests, etc. have led the doctors to the conclusion that it's in my best interest to be on a blood thinner.

Ok, fast forward to now...On Friday, I have to go in for a colonoscopy to make sure everything is ok in there. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to, normally that would mean a day or two of discomfort, but nothing that big a deal. But in my case, it will be a somewhat bigger deal. No one has said they will have to, but during a scope, the doc may have to do a biopsy. Since that would mean cutting something, that means something will probably bleed. That's not good when you're on blood thinners. So, I have to do what's called a "window". I stop taking my usual blood thinners, and give myself an injection twice a day. The injection blood thinner gets out of my system in a day (the pills take several days). The injections are leaving awful-looking bruises on my stomach. But I stop the injections a day before the scope so my blood will be able to coagulate (clot like it's supposed to) if they do any cutting while they're in there, this is the "window." Then I go back on the regular thinners afterward in addition to continuing to inject myself for another week. I have new respect for diabetics...Yuck!

- Christmas was great! The little guy made out like a bandit, of course. We (Mrs. Dave and I) got ourselves a new entertainment system because our old one had bitten the dust. It's a panasonic home theater system and it's awesome. I got Mrs. Dave an iPod Nano, which she seems to like a lot. I got clothes and Mrs. Dave got me a Bose SoundDock for my iPod. It killed me to have to return it. We had to decide between the SoundDock and the entertainment system, and the system won this round. But no worries. We also got an iFusion iPod player that is way-cool. Maybe not as good as the Bose, but much better than I expected. iFusion is this little hard-shell suitcase of a thing. It has a zipper and opens like a suitcase but reveals a set of speakers and dock for your iPod. Just plant your iPod in there, plug it in (or not if the iFusion batteries are charged) and jam to completely portable tunes. The sound is great considering the size, and the cool thing is that you can still connect it to your computer while it's in the player, download stuff, etc. plus, when the iFusion is plugged in it charges the iPod. We got it mainly because my son's cheapo CD player that we use during baths and such finally crapped out. But if you're looking for a good little iPod player, this is a great option!

- My "Brother-In-Law" is a complete asswipe, no, that's being euphamistic, he's the turd, dang, still not strong enough. Imagine the place at the treatment plant where all the waste from everywhere in town goes before it gets "treated". That's my brother in law. His daughter, my niece, was taken away from him again by social services for suspicion of abuse. We don't doubt it's true, we've seen bruises all over her. We took a picture of the one that was shaped exactly like someone's hand on her rear end. And it looked like a rather old bruise. Can you imagine the force with which she was hit to leave a bruise of the entire hand (think about your open palm and what you would have to do to leave a bruise with your thumb)? This is a three-year-old girl he's doing this to! A girl who has never known her real mother (Mrs. Dave's sister) because she died a month and a half after my niece was born.

She's been shuffled around to so many places in her life, she probably has no idea where she belongs. We've been helpless to do anything about it because that $#$%#&* is her father. Fortunately, someone who wasn't as worried about not seeing her again called social services when the boy she lived with ($*^%$%*^'s girlfriend's son) told his grandfather some of the things that have been going on with my niece (details of which we still don't know). But whatever he said, it was enough to get both kids taken away from their parents for an extended period of time. It's a nightmare. I'd adopt her in a second if I could. She is a handful, but I think with some consistency in her surroundings and lots of love, and particularly the absence of abject fear of being beaten senseless, she could become a relatively normal girl. We may never know because of the amount of damage that has already been done.

We're just hoping that it's my niece's mother above that is making all this happen so my niece can be happy again. She didn't deserve to be treated the way she was. Like I said, this is a THREE YEAR-OLD. It will be another interesting year in this saga. Let's just hope it works out the best for her.