Saturday, March 08, 2008

Album Art Exercise

Streeeetch 2,3,4 - march 2,3,4

My acquaintance and part-time nemesis on the How Forum, jlmonty posted this cool creative exercise which uses a Wikipedia randomizer, a random quote generator and Flickr Explore Interesting (because you'll rarely find a dud there) images to create Album Art. Click on the Wikipedia link and the title of the article is your band's name, click on the quote generator-go to the last quote on the page-the last four words of that quote are your album's title and click on the Flickr link - use the image in the upper-rightmost image for your album's artwork, no matter what it is or how unrelated it may be to your "artist" or album title. My buddy Jeope also suggested that you add a brief description of the band or music that they play. I like this idea, but found it easier sometimes to me to describe who the music is for, so pardon me if I jump around a little that way.

Simmer in your creative design juices for no more than 5-10 minutes and see what happens. Here are my results - I must admit, I found this a little addictive.

This was my first shot, I'm thinking an ecstasy trippin' euro techno vibe here.
the new party album cover art

80s Hair Metal
The Bouillon Album Cover Art

A Female Alt Rock Polka
sydney storm album cover art

Popular in Swingers Clubs across the world
The Morning After Album Cover Art

REALLY Popular in Swingers Clubs across the world. I swear this is an actual random collection using the method above!
SEM Album Cover Art

This is an actual former band, but not an actual former album. 90s Grunge with a sense of irony.
Dead Noise Album Cover Art

This one I cheated on. I found a quote from Kanye West that ended with "My misery is your pleasure" and just had to find the band and album art to fit it.
Guardians of the Globe Album Cover Art

Death metal with a drop of early 90s alt rock whiney-assedness
Collateral Damage Album Cover Art

For the Prozac Overdosed Crowd
WHC Album Cover Art

Think Yanni without the zing.
The Madhupur Upazila Album Cover Art

Techno with a twang.
The BHR Album Cover Art

For recovering addicts
The Sapumal Kumaraya Album Cover Art

I'll have a blog-exclusive cover shortly!

But be sure to click on the link to the How Forum thread to see some other terrific 5 minute works of great design!



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