Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Please Wear Appropriate Ear Protection

If you are female or a female will be able to view your screen as your read this, because they are just going to squeal at how cute this is...

I told you!

Hehehe - alright, I suppose the easiest way to do this is with a grid. Top left square is A1(even thought it's a part of a bigger picture), bottom right is E4. These shots were taken at dinner one night when little girl was in great spirits (which she usually is). It was a lot of fun. Originally we were just trying to capture a particular face she was making, but it turned into more.

A1 - Little girl concentrating on picking up a piece of her dinner.

A3 - Looking excited about what mommy has or is singing (forget which)

A4 - Hmm, wonder what I can fit in here?

B4 - Contemplative little girl

C3 - This is as close as we got to the face we were trying to capture. Her eyebrows are usually a little tighter together, but close enough. She's just usually so excited when she is making this face.

C4 - Are we done yet? Look at the curls that stick out to the right. Sneaky little things they are, or at least used to be. When she was younger they were practically invisible and would often tickle your nose when you were least expecting it.

D1 & D2 - The ancient Chinese Green Bean Torture technique and her response. We feel bad we had to resort to this, but sometimes parenting ain't easy...

D3 - Our happy little girl. She's always in such a good mood unless she's very hungry or really tired. We are so lucky to have such a mellow cutie. She's a little higher maintenance than her brother was at that age, but compared to some other baby girls I've seen, she's no problem at all.

E1 - Just looking adorable as can be! At the same time, can you see that hint of evil mischief in her eyes? This one is going to be slick...

E4 - Of course, where would little girl be without her favorite person in the world, her big brother? How many fewer photos would I have to take because said big brother keeps jumping in the shot? Many! ;-)

Hard to believe she's almost a year old already! She has been such a good baby, I couldn't ask for more in a daughter. Please God, don't make me pay dearly for it when she's a teenager!


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At 9:53 AM, Blogger Jeope said...

Haw haw, you're gonna be the dad of a teen-aged girl. Better start reading up on it now.

Seriously though? The boy with glasses would push Kerry's "awww" button. That's her vice, and would explain a lot why we're together.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger studiosmith said...

Goodness gracious that SLIDE sure slows down the blog a bit, right?

At 9:23 AM, Blogger devon said...

hi dave! i saw you commented on my blog, so i wanted to return the favor and say THANKS! for the compliment! :D i feel like a whale, but i hear i'll get bigger lol. HOWEVER, if something THAT cute (your daughter) comes out, then it's all worth it! i'd wear elastic pants forever! i can't believe she's that big either! seems like you just had her! i'll probably have lots of questions for the Howie parents while i get my 3 months off... so watch your email. ;)


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