Monday, March 12, 2007

Things I didn't think I'd miss

Well, it's been just over a month since my buddy and pet of almost ten years passed away. We had to put my dog BJ to sleep because his medical bills were mounting and his health was eroding. He had gotten skinny and was having trouble controlling when and where he relieved himself, often in the house near the end. He was a great little dog and for some reason this weekend, I missed him terribly.

It made me think about what is different about life since he passed and a couple of things came to mind. First, the kitchen floor gets a lot dirtier below the dinner table than it ever used to before, especially by my son's chair. Second, now I have to wonder if I actually heard the doorbell. The little fella was a good alarm dog, for sure and he never missed the chance to bark at someone at the door. Lastly, the mornings aren't quite as warm. On cold nights, he would hop up in bed with us, and often lay along our legs and we'd keep each other warm.

The other day when I got home from work, I got out of the car and expected to see his little Batman-like ears peeking over the window sill, but they weren't. It was just a WHAM here's reality moment. Anyway, I miss you buddy. I hope you're having fun up there.



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