Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Howiezine 11 - Ambigram Alphabet

This is my page for Howiezine 11 - Alphabet. I dug deep to challenge myself with this one, for it was not enough merely to create some sort of ambigram for the zine, no! I wanted to something special. So, let's do one half of the alphabet on each side of the page! Yes! Wait...no! Let's do half on each side of the page such that it's the same graphic, just flipped over, but you see the other half of the alphabet! Yes! Wait...no! Let's make it even more challenging, let's make it so it's a cut out and you won't have alignment issues, YES!

Ok, wait a sec, cutting all that out by hand is going to take for-freaking-ever! So I scaled it back to the flip-over ambigram. The cut-out would have been really cool, though.

The E/N and the G/V combinations were really tough, so work with me when you notice the N is sideways. ;-)

This is A-M:

and N-Z - I think if you know the N is sideways, the rest falls into place.

I would have liked to do more stylized lettering, but it took so long to get to this point and trying to cut it out - I just ran out of time. Still pretty cool, though!


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