Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Please indulge me

These are just too much fun.

1. I believe this is the toll plaza I drive through to get home

2. I Love the Chinese New Year feel of this shot:

3. This one is perhaps the least abstract, it's of the wall of the tunnel I drive through, near the end.

4. This one looks like light grafitti, too cool.

And just to prove I haven't completely abandoned regular photography, here is a photo of the Snowman Mini-Cakes (too big to be cupcakes, but too small to be regular cakes)that Mrs. Dave, the most fabulous mother a little boy could wish to have, made for my son's daycare Christmas party.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Drive-By Shooting

After a few days delay while Blogger was working out some kinks...

With apologies to the photographer's whose book is titled "Drive By Shooting," Here is another drive by that just turned out another neat texture. This time I was driving by a house near my neighborhood. They have these two bushes in front of their house very densely covered in colored lights. Too bad that's the only thing in their yard that's decorated. But I gave it a shot and it's pretty cool result.


Monday, December 12, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas 2005 is thundering down the time continuum at a breakneck pace.We're getting ready, but it seems like such small steps that Christmas will be over by the time we're all done. I remember so well the agony of waiting for Christmas to arrive when I was a kid. December was the longest month on the calendar. Now it's more like "Wasn't it just Summer? Don't-blink-D'oh!-You-missed-it." Haven't gotten anything for Mrs. Dave for Christmas yet. Got her birthday (Dec. 24, ain't she lucky!) present, but that's all.

But anyway, here's our Christmas tree this year. In this photo, I used the long exposure time and a tripod, and it came out pretty well. The picture isn't excessively yellow because of the camera or the light, our walls are actually yellow. In this picture, the tree isn't finished, it was still a work in progress. You can see the blur of my son and wife's hands in the lower right. Oh, please don't mind the needles and stuff on the floor, we cleaned those up later...

Warning: The "awwwwww" factor is high for this next photo! Although not nearly as pathetic as Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, my son decided that our tree just needed a little love. And if that doesn't make sense, go watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special again. He's a very compassionate little boy.

But now the tree is fully decorated. Ours is a nostalgic tree more than a work of art. We get a new sourdough ornament every year and always get at least one, if not two ornaments from places we've traveled to. So, this year we had a "snowman" that was made to look like he was made of ice, but when you look closer, you see he's actually dice. We also got one of the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. I'll post a pic of the completed tree soon.

Oh, and one of the things that we did the weekend before last was go to HersheyPark. They open around the holidays so you can go buy candy, see Santa and his reindeer, drink the best damn hot chocolate you ever had, have some fun and see the Sweet Lights, a huge, huge light display that you drive through. It's neat. But, while we were there, we took the kids to see Santa Claus. Well, he had to be simply THE most boring Santa Claus ever. He barely moved. He didn't speak, I'd have thought he was a mannequin if his eyes didn't occasionally move. But he didn't ask the kids what they wanted or anything. But I think this photo explains a lot:

I have more photos from Hershey, just no time to post this minute. Gotta run!


Monday, December 05, 2005

The Long Drive Home

Big ups to my virtual pal Jeope Wolfe for inpiring this with his Ghosts photography. These aren't ghosts, but using extended exposure time on my camera got these results. They're just so stinkin' cool, I just had to share. Last Friday night was a looooooooooooong ride home from work. There was an accident in or near one of the tunnels I take to go home and it had traffic everywhere snarled. So, whilst biding my time in traffic, I pulled out the camera to see what would happen if... and I tried a couple of different settings. These were just far out...

Click on the images to see at a decent size...

This is one taken of a sign that crosses the highway warning of the accident more than 15 miles ahead. I think the streaks are flashing lights, but it's wild. This is 100% untouched in Photoshop except to resize to fit on screen.

This image is of the truck in front of me, but I put the base of the camera on the left side of the steering wheel (9 o'clock position) and while it was exposing, moved it around the steering wheel to the 3 o'clock position. It turned out really neat. Again, no photoshop adjustments except for size...


Coding for the unco-ode-inated

Can anyone help, or know someone who can help me with the layout of this site? All I want to do really is just switch the position of the profile and links stuff with the article content, ie, I'd like the profile, etc. on the left instead of the right. This is mainly so I can post bigger photos without screwing up the layout (as it works now, so I use Blogger photos, which makes a smaller preview you can click on), but sometimes I want the bigger shot without the muss and fuss. Anyone know what to do?