Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feed the Need

I've been curious about how RSS feeds work and finally decided to give it a shot. Not that this is a must have feed, but if you want to try it yourself, click the feed logo in the link section and follow the instructions from there.



Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Late Nite Drink and Dial

So, Mrs. Dave is in New Orleans for a conference. She's apparently having quite a lot of fun because I got a call around 1 am from a more than slightly inebriated Mrs. Dave asking me what it is I do to keep her happy in bed! This was quite surprising as I could hear one of her companions in the background talking drunk-loud saying she wasn't getting it very good from her husband. My first thought was "try doing it a little more often than every other month!" So of course it came out as "Bring her by when you get back and I'll demonstrate."

I had no idea where they were aside from being somewhere in the French Quarter, so I tried to get as much embarassing info as possible. They talked about going by one of the strip clubs and were shocked that they showed much in the posters for the place. I also gathered that despite the fact that the other girl was in fact, once a catholic schoolgirl, she would not dress the part any longer for her hubby. "That's a problem," I said. So, between interruptions, I gathered that this was a catholic school girl that paid attention! So, I told her all hope was lost, but we could try. hehehehehe playing with a drunk's mind can be great fun.


Monday, July 25, 2005

From the "Things you can learn from your kids" file:

When you are in a tight spot, say you just jumped on your dad's stomach when he wasn't expecting it, causing him significant pain for instance, apologize first (the bigger puppy dog eyes you can make, the better), then use this magical trick: say "Let's laugh." It's immediately disarming and gets the other person in a better mood. You don't even need to laugh at anything in particular, just laugh. I have to smile just thinking about it.

Destined to be some sort of world leader, I tell ya...


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Somethin' I've been meaning to show you

A while ago I posted about how much work went into repainting my son's bedroom, I believe in the end we went around the room about 40 times with removing the old wallpaper, painting the trim, 3 colors, masking, 2nd and 3rd coats, etc...

Well, I finally remembered that I had photos to share so you can see the result. We really like it. Good thing, too because it was way too much work to be unhappy with it when we were done!

Without further ado:

Here is the view from the doorway looking in. The only difference now is that we have put a couple of paintings of a moving truck and a dump truck on the wall to the right. We got those and the letters over the head of his bed from Target. Turned out kinda cool since there's red in his comforter, too.

Here is the wall to the left of the photo above. We got the sign at a Fall Festival last year. We were going to put it in our basement, but it just worked well in this room. When we got it, his room was still a "baby" room. But this is his big-boy room. We got the shelves at IKEA from their home office line. Worked perfectly. We really liked that having these prevented a dresser from taking up a huge amount of floor space. He has a closet organizer and all of his clothes and such are in there. But, with only the bed taking up floorspace, he has lots of room to set up his Thomas train tracks or whatever else he wants. We were going to put the shelves together in a block with the alternating doors/no doors, but it was kinda bulky looking. Then Mrs. Dave had the brilliant idea of separating them some, sort of giving us even more shelf space, plus it framed the sign just right. Can you tell Mrs. Dave is a reading teacher???? The shelf with doors on the right is full of more seasonal books (and Wiggles and Baby Einstein videos).

And finally (for today), here is a view of the room to the right of the first photo. Not really a lot to it except the closet doors and a small set of storage bins for the boy's smaller toys. Notice that they follow the pattern of the walls, except the red on bottom, but still, that worked!

So, turned out pretty well. The good thing is that if the boy's tastes should ever change from trucks and other things wheeled, the room can stay the same, just have to change the decorations.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days, I've got some photos of a couple of weekend trips we took recently. One to a balloon festival and another to a model train park like none you've probably ever seen! You can ride these models!


Friday, July 01, 2005

Illustration Friday: Sport

Do I get thrown out of Illustration Friday for using a photograph mainly? Maybe I should start Design Friday? Anyway, I've always thought that surely God must enjoy a good fight because he built weapons and defenses into every animal. Really, he could have made us all docile plant eaters who don't overpopulate themselves if he wanted to. But no, he gave us earth dwellers claws, sharp teeth, horns, blazing speed, incredible strength, enormous size, camouflage, the ability to reproduce quickly, venom and brains or some combination of those. All to put up a good fight against one another to survive. I like the image because you don't know who won this...