Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I believe that it's my tushy

I sometimes have a knack for coming up with weird lyrics for incredibly short and often-associated-with-bodily-functions songs. Since my last post was such a downer, I thought I'd share this just to show I'm not going to be standing on the ledge of any building anytime soon.

Here's something I came up with while changing my daughter recently, it has a bouncy, yet down-home feel:

When my diaper is warm and mushy
it's time to put cream on my tushy!

Of course, I'm singing this in my daughter's stead. ;-)

However, other little ears in the house have picked up on this little ditty. So now I frequently hear from my son in a remarkably dead-on impression:

When my diaper is so squishy
I believe that it's my tushy!

His just has such a different, yet hilarious meaning.

Alright, here's another one - unrelated to the above, please don't turn me in to the authorities, it's all very innocent, though I could see why you wouldn't think so, little kids just have cute tushies!:

My pants are falling down,
My pants are falling down,
Oh, no! my shorts are low,
My pants are falling down!


Can I tell you how proud I am of how Mrs. Dave and I are raising our son? Yesterday, we invited Dave Jr.'s cousin who is the same age over to spend the day. At one point during lunch my son was just being himself and talking while more or less free-associating ideas. It amuses him greatly. Well, my sister is less encouraging when it comes to imagination. Things were meant to be played with like this - you don't want to take too many pictures with that kiddie camera, you'll run the batteries out - don't pretend that toy car is crashing into a volcano even though it's tons of fun- etc. Whereas our son will just blow you away with the stuff he comes up with while playing with what's available. - Anyway, during lunch, his cousin said "Dave Jr., why do you say so many silly things?" I was floored. We really are letting him be as creative as he wants to/can be. Yay!

Alright, gotta go!


Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, for those who don't already know, I lost my job exactly one week before Christmas, so this year hasn't been quite as jolly for me. It was fun watching the kids and such, but lingering in the back of my head is the fact, I have no work. Worse, when my home computer died shortly after I accepted this last job, I lost all my software and files I hadn't backed up. Worse yet, in my haste to get out of the place, I deleted tons of photos I had loaded onto my MacBook, including photos of my daughter's birth. :-( All is not lost, there are other photos, but there were some really good ones I would have liked to keep.

So, here I am, no computer with software a designer needs, no job, no nothing but my life, wife and kids. Fortunately, CompUSA had a really good sale on internal hard drives, so I was able to get a new 200GB one for about $50 after rebate. I also have a good friend that is an IT Wizard that had a copy of Windows XP I could load. Now I just have to swallow hard and buy the Adobe Creative Suite. But I'm going to make the most of it. I haven't started looking for a new job in earnest because of the holidays and such. I figure most people aren't going to be around or looking at this point. I may even take a swing at doing some freelancing once I get the software to do the work.

But, we're still alive in 2007. It has to be a better year than 2006! With the exception of my wonderful little girl being born and the HOW Conference, good riddance!

I hope your outlook is a little more hopeful. But don't count me out yet!