Tuesday, August 29, 2006

avoid direct exposure

This was interesting. One day when I was at work, the overhead lights were off and it was relatively dark. I had a laser pointer and some Coca-Cola bottlecaps on my desk and shone the pointer in one, and thought it was cool how the whole thing lit up. I still have other ideas on what I could do with this theory, but I need more bottlecaps. Anyway, this turned out kinda kewl. All I did was shine the laser pointer from under inverted cap. The wild thing is the graininess. If you've ever looked at the spot from a laser pointer, you see the red, but there's all this movement, like some kind of powerful fusion is happening on a small scale. There are thousands of tiny bursts of light. I don't know if it's the power of the laser or just the nature of it, but the same characteristics go through the plastic in the cap and reflect on sides. That's what's making the graininess more than the low light, though that does play a role, I'm sure.

And yes, that's my finger there on the left side.


Monday, August 21, 2006

The latest

Hello All!

Sorry that I lied about updating my blog more often. But it seems life has gotten too interesting again. In case you weren't aware, I lost my job with Gigantic Enormous due to irreconcilable differences. I'm a designer, she's a bitch. Ok, sorry, just kidding, got that from Larry the Cable Guy. Nah, I'm a designer, not an accountant, not marketing manager, a designer. I was getting very frustrated with the way I was spending most of my time doing anything but design. I think my passive-aggressive tendencies got the best of me and my frustration worked itself out in other ways.

I got along with my old boss ok personally, but once I had been told I wasn't doing well, she became the ultimate micro-manager, and that didn't work for me. I found myself spending more time accounting for how I was spending my time than anything else. Plus I was told to be more proactive...*sigh*...hard to be more proactive when you've got an annoying Cocker Spaniel nipping at your heels all the time.

So, it came down to me or her, and since she was the boss, she won. Fine. But to wit, I did make a big effort to change my ways to her style. It just didn't happen well enough fast enough. However, the other side showed NO interest in trying to work with me and my style. So after a while I honestly stopped caring. Here's what it basically melted down to - she wanted me to be both the designer and the account executive for my design "group" (just me) because that's what she was used to. I couldn't just give her rough drafts for her thoughts on specific elements without getting comments like "Are you sure this is ready for me to look at?" That always meant she had some sort of gotcha. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU PREFER THE CLOSE UP OR THE F'N WIDE SHOT ON THE COVER!!! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE GIVING ME SHIT ABOUT THE COPYRIGHT DATE!!! If I had anyone else to run the ideas by that had any idea of what they were talking about, I would, but I didn't and needed input.

So, screw it, I'm gone, fine. It's for the best. I was looking anyway, I just would have preferred it on my terms, not theirs. I'll be Ok, there's just the stress of a baby on the way verrrrry soon. AAAAACK! Actually, I'm not panicked yet, but could be soon. I have an interview this Wednesday. Here's hoping!

Sorry, had to rant.