Friday, February 16, 2007

What love can do...or...Love Hurts

Hello all!

Before I get to the subject mentioned in the title, I wanted to let y'all know that I did land a sweet job! The interview that went so well on Tuesday panned out! So we're celebrating here. Yay!

Now onto the subject:

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but today presented the perfect opportunity. The photo below was not posed in any way by me. My son put the pair of Winnie-the-Poohs on the desk next to each other just like this. But they were both purchased on the same day roughly 5 years ago. On that day they looked virtually identical. But now these several years later, the love and devotion of a little boy whose best friend is a stuffed bear of very little brain has more than begun to show its impact on poor Winnie. Pooh made for great chewing material in the ear and nose areas, and on the back there is a spot where the boy put a "tail" on Pooh because he didn't really have one. It was more of a bump than a tail.

The constant companionship, death-defying stunts, trips to daycare and nights spent comforting said boy, have cost him his fluffy fur, the boy's naked period cost him his red shirt and many trips to the popular "Suds" night club here in the house have cost him his golden yellow color, leaving him a mere pale version of what he once was. But despite all that, Pooh is still the A1 favorite toy. It will be a little sad when it loses that position, but I think we'll hang on to him when he does.

love hurts


Monday, February 12, 2007

Life is what happens

Hello all,

Lest you have thought I've completely forgotten about my blog, I haven't. A few things have been going on that have taken priority. Mainly, finding a new job. I feel so close to one I can taste it, I just need to get the call. Bah! It's torturous waiting, you know? The first interview went extremely well, the second one went even better and the guy said he had a very difficult decision to make. I think I've done everything I could to make a good impression. Even the last thank you note I sent went an extra step I think. We had talked about our kids, and he told me that he had a son that was approximately the same age as my daughter.

So, I went to a book/card store after the interview and was looking for a good thank you card. Well, all the thank you cards that you can buy individually are all inappropriate for what I needed. "What you did meant so much to me..." "You're so special..." Blech. So, I hunted a little longer and came across some blank cards. I looked through a bunch, most of which were rather blah. BUT then I came across one with Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Dr. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat. With nothing else really in the realm of possibility, my brain started chewing on how to make this work. I hesitated many times, but ultimately did get it.

The artwork itself was more than just T1 and T2, it was a more artistic interpretation than simply straight copy from the book. There was a little more color, and you could see the brush strokes, etc. plus it was on a grid background that had all these hand-drawn circles in the boxes that were pretty cool. I wrote on the inside something to the effect of "As you will surely find out in the next couple of year of reading the Cat in the Hat to your son, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are quite a team. I think we can make a great team, too. I want the job and hope you want me to fill the position. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me. I look forward to hearing from you! Dave"

So, here's hoping...

Also, the other reason I haven't posted much is because I got found out. I had kept this blog more or less a secret from Mrs. Dave because I just wanted it to be something I did for me. Something to showcase some of my artwork, rants, personal thoughts and various other items of miscellany relevent to my life. It's not that I didn't want to share it with her, most of the stuff she was aware of, but for some reason, I just wanted to keep the blog to myself. Well, in a recent computer switcheroo, the blog address was still in the cache of my old computer and in the drop-down box and she happened upon it. So I was busted. I was a little let down by that. But, I'm back, and hopefully shall continue fearlessly.

Lastly, as you may be aware, last Friday, I had to put my dog to sleep. Hardest thing I may have ever done. I'm a little haunted by his last cry and his eyes moments after his death. We did the right thing, but I'll see those eyes forever. I miss him so much already.

Anyway. That's for now. Hopefully, I'll have good job news to post very soon.

Take care, y'all.


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